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This Message of Wholeness Is Our Birth Right. A Righteous Intent Pouring from the Fountain of Infinite Light and Divine Love. Community by Community, N Light Church Wholeness Alliance Shares Loving EmPowerment and Nourishes the Body, Mind and Soul with Healing Ceremonies, Yoga Classes, Light Code Superfoods™(N Light Church Sacrament of Wholeness), Wholeness Counseling, Sacred Geometric Rhythms™(N Light Church Musical Journey, a Symbiotic Fusion of Sacred Geometry, Sacred Sound and Healing Vibrations that Allows a Full Immersion in the ReMembrance of Your True Self) and by Sharing the Vision of Unity On Earth™ with All Beings.


Building the Community of Beings who InSpire and are on the Path of True Wholeness and Divinity. Our Communities are the True Foundation of Life on this Planet. We are Here Now to Thrive and Symbiotically Grow with Earth. Our Beautiful Planet Is Intrinsically equipped to provide All of Our Sustenance. ReMembering Our True Relationship with Family and Earth and Allowing Nourishment and Respect to Radiate from the Source of Our Being Assists in the Grand Awakening. Let’s Join together, ReMember Heaven is Now and Be a Pillar of Sustainability and Wholeness.

Nourishing Our Communities with Love™


The Mission of Wholeness Alliance™ is to assist All Beings in the ReMembrance of Wholeness. The building blocks of All Life on the Planet have an Intrinsic Guidepost for the manifestation of Wholeness. As Beings with Free Will We have the ability to take responsibility of Our own Health, Environment and Community. We have the authority to choose wisely with our ReSources as We decide on daily Nutrition, Living Standards and Charitable OutReach. By ReMembering the Power that Is in each of Us We can assist All of Us in the Journey of Wholeness.

A Whole Life is a Reflection of a Whole You™

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ReMember Wholeness

Our online Earth Community Creates and Allows a Sacred Space for Seekers and Finders to, Moment by Moment, ReMember their True Nature… Health, Wholeness and Divinity. Join Our online Sacred Community and Fully Immerse YourSelf In the Wisdom of Light!

Activate Wholeness

Imagine Waking Up every Moment with the Awareness that Life Is Observed and Shaped by Your Intention, Vision and Action. Tools Assist Us In Our Journey to Oneness. Invest in the Full Potential of You, and Activate Abundance in All Aspects of Your Life!

Share Wholeness

ReMembering Your True Nature and Walking the Path of Truth Allows the Light of Divine Love to Radiate from the Core of Your Being. How many Brothers and SiStars can We Assist in ReMembering? Lets Join together and Share Wholeness on Earth!

Giving and Receiving are Intrinsically One™

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